Access Capital for Market Expansion in MENA!

Explore various financing options available in KSA and other MENA regions with our A2F advisory services that help you set up a business in the Middle East! Make the right financial decision to make your MENA expansion a reality and give your startup the headstart it deserves!

What is A2F- Access to Finance?

With Dastak Accelerator’s end-to-end Market Access Program – MAP for tech companies, gain access to the multiple means of funds available for tech entrepreneurs to set up their businesses in KSA and other MENA markets.

Dastak’s MAP offers A2F or Access to Finance services which includes financial consultancy to raise capital and build access to other means of funds. A2F optimizes your business model to align with multiple financing options including accelerator funding, grant submissions, equity financing, and venture studio funding.

Accelerate Your Tech Ambition With Accelerator Funding

Dastak will help you file your applications to accelerators and incubators and push you toward success. The accelerator application writing services include:

  • Filing accelerator funding applications that align with the accelerator’s goals to help you secure accelerator funding.
  • Application reviews to ensure your business plan includes relevant market information, growth plans in the country and access to growth capital planning. 
  • Co-creating the Accelerator Pitching with you by providing the relevant insights to build successful applications. 
  • Eliminating the hassle of tedious paperwork, lengthy filing procedures or even tracking accelerator options!

Fast-Track Market Expansion in the Middle East via Grants!

Grant writing requires meticulous expertise and eloquent cause demonstration. This service is designed to:

  • Validate your idea and make impactful investments with Grant funding.
  • Acquire grants from government sources, Multilateral Donor Agencies or even corporate CSR  funding.
  • Let us help you position your corporate growth and innovation plans with the key objectives of the donors.
  • Help you complete your submission, build an impact narrative and recommend a grant funding strategy, keeping your company objectives and board direction in perspective.
  • Proactively apply for grants and never miss a submission deadline!

Raise Capital Through Equity Financing

Source the capital required for your expansion by selling shares of your company to long-term investors. We will help you to:

  • Position your projects on the Investor Pitch events with our corporate investors and VC network assistance. 
  • Avail our assistance in creating Data Rooms and developing the market-specific investment collateral required to pitch to institutional investors. 
  • Get investor commitments to your project, irrespective of the instrument type i.e. Remunerative debt, SafeNote or other instruments, we cover them all.

Boost Market Entry With Venture Studios!

Dastak will help you to fast-track innovation for swift market entry with our Venture Studio Alignment service. This service is designed to:

  • Connect to the most strategically aligned Venture Studios and Value Add with our market insight with the product market validation research. 
  • Achieve product market by getting localized help for strategic decisions and funding.
  • Connect to leading venture studios in KSA, UAE, Qatar and beyond to help supercharge your growth.

Business Growth in MENA – The Key is Access to Finance

Ensure your business’s success by diversifying your risks when expanding to KSA, and across the entire MENA region. Our diverse array of A2F advisory services helps you pick the most favourable option for you. From public and private funding sources, grants, home country enterprise assistance schemes or SME Financing incentives, we help you choose the most favourable option.

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