Streamline Your Business Setup in Pakistan

Dastak offers consultancy services, product building and management services and market entry strategy and market strategies to evolving fintechs, helping them gain market growth and expansion in Pakistan. 

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  • Unavailability of a professional team adept in local regulations and work culture
  • Setting up in a conservative financial environment where new fintechs aren’t accepted
  • Navigating complex regulatory frameworks and being compliant with local regulations, especially in Pakistan
  • Dealing with the limited existing fintech infrastructure in the country, which might require substantial investments in technology and talent 


  • Hiring a team of professionals sourced from the local market
  • Using effective marketing strategies to gain and retain new customers and promote brand loyalty
  • Seeking guidance from experts having knowledge of Pakistani financial regulations and collaborating with local partners
  • Forging partnerships with local organizations as well as securing funding from investors that are aligned with the same goals as your business

Our Expertise!

Market Entry Strategy

Craft your successful market entry with our tailored strategies, guiding fintech ventures seamlessly into Pakistan’s dynamic financial landscape

Staffing and Recruitment

Elevate your fintech team with our specialized staffing and recruitment solutions, connecting you with top industry talent in Pakistan’s thriving financial technology sector

Skill Development Services

Enhance your business’s workforce through our Skill Development Service, enabling employers to provide employees with certifications through flexible options

Market Penetration

Localized Investment

Maximize your investment potential with our specialized local investment services, customizing financial strategies to align seamlessly with Pakistan’s market dynamics

Government Liaisons

Form liaisons with the government of Pakistan and ensure your compliance with all national and local regulations to make your operations smooth and risk-free

Partnerships and Associations

Become a part of the thriving fintech ecosystem of Pakistan by gaining access to partnership and association opportunities through our market solutions

Marketing Strategies

Leverage our cutting-edge marketing strategies that are both innovative and localized to make sure your market entry and expansion is captivating

Market-Specific Services

Engineering Services

Empower your fintech innovations with our Engineering Services, providing specialized technological expertise designed to meet the distinctive requirements of the market

Product Development Services

Bring your products to the market successfully with our product development services that cater to the needs of the market, making it easier for your product to become marketable

Compliance Solutions

Navigate complex regulations effortlessly with our Compliance Solutions, guaranteeing your fintech business aligns seamlessly with Pakistan’s financial regulatory framework

Solution Building Services

With our customized solutions, ensure the swift market-readiness of your product and let go of the hassles of finding individual vendors


Businesses drive more revenue when they’re equipped with tailor-made and user-friendly solutions


Businesses gain wider recognition when they’re a part of a thriving ecosystem


Businesses achieve sustainable growth when they are in compliance with local regulations