MAP – dastak’s Market Access Program!

Roll over your plans to set up a tech company in KSA with Dastak’s swift market access solutions coupled with ongoing support services.

What is Dastak’s MAP?

Dastak’s Market Access Program – MAP is designed for tech companies to scale their business and market in the MENAPT region. The program aims to help tech enthusiasts optimize their path for new international offices in more than one region across MENAPT. The thriving markets of KSA, UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Pakistan, and other MENAPT regions are the ideal markets for international expansion and Dastak’s MAP is your navigator for success and ambition in MENA region.

Explore KSA Market with Dastak

Now Is the Time to Set up Your Tech Venture in Saudi Arabia!

Plan an entry to the largest economy in the MENAPT driven by visions to excel, explore and exceed expectations! Align your goals and become part of KSA’s Vision 2030!

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Vision 2030

Vision 2030 has been one of the key drivers for economic diversification and growth in the tech sector. Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE are all working towards building their infrastructure for Vision 2030 that promises investor and entrepreneur empowerment, and business expansion.

Business-Friendly Environment

Take advantage of the startup boom in MENA which is now gaining worldwide recognition. Vision 2030 is just one step in the right direction, with countries like the UAE and KSA formulating plans for different sectors based on government priorities backed by relevant policies.

Most Thriving Economy

Saudi Arabia and UAE have become the fastest-growing economies in the MENAPT region. This growth is led by key players of the MENAPT such as Saudi Arabia with a GDP growth of 8% in 2023, followed by Egypt at 6.6% and UAE at 7.9%

Largest Youth Population

KSA has the MENA region’s largest youth population, with over 50% of the population being under 25 while 81% of UAE’s population is aged from 15-54 years. This vast pool of youth is a driver for innovation and progress and will be a huge customer base for emerging SMEs.

Our Diverse Clientele!

Fintech Companies

Logistics-Tech Companies

Sustainability-Tech Companies

FinTech Companies

Ed-Tech Companies

HR-Tech Companies

Services We Offer!

Forget the hassle of looking for multiple vendors for different services. Opt for our all-inclusive market expansion and market entry solutions!

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Product Market Validation

Ensure business success with our product-market validation report and stay informed of the target market’s requirements and challenges.

Business Incorporation and Immigration Services

Enter the MENA market confidently by letting us get your company registered with the required legal authorities and offering relocation of your company.

Partner Scouting Services

Obtain swift market access and insights by scouting for a local partner in the market who can be your business representative in the local market and help you scale your business.

Access to Finance

Make your dream a reality by opting for Dastak’s Access to Finance services and raise capital for your idea via grants, accelerator funding, equity funding or venture studio financing!

Stepping Up in the MENA Market!

When setting up your business in KSA, UAE, or any other MENA market, Dastak consultants will help you at every stage to map a customised user journey for businesses that is both time-efficient and cost-effective. Kickstart your business, no matter what stage it is in, and lay the foundation for a solid market share.

Pre-Landing Stage

Guarantee market success with our pre-landing consultancy services including feasibility reports, internal assessment, market research and competition analysis.

Landing Stage

Let us make sure your company is compliant, registered, and incorporated according to the local laws. We also assist in opening up local bank accounts in Saudi Arabia and UAE. Also offers PRO and GRO Services.

Post-Landing Stage

Avail our top-notch services including exclusive access to associations and synergies, making sure you make your place in a vast and thriving ecosystem.

How Dastak Accelerator Helps You In Stepping Up

Our market strategy ensures your timely and strong market presence in just four effortless steps.

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The process begins with defining user benefits, problem-solving, market sizing, TAM, SAM, SOM metrics, risk assessment, user journey, prototype, and business model canvas creation.


You need a comprehensive analysis of your business model, and strategic plan review, along with a product-market fit, customer acquisition, competition, technology risks, and impact alignment.


Let us assess your team credentials, existing skill matrix, and competency gaps to create a targeted talent sourcing plan. Benchmark talent costs and mitigate team buildup risks.


You need a strategic alignment with corporate investors, an assessment of scale-up risks, an exploration of asset-sharing, syndicate investing, and optimization of capital structures.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Swift Setup

Experience swift business setup and expansion in KSA with our streamlined services, ensuring rapid entry and accelerated growth for your ventures.

Seamless Experience

Enjoy a seamless experience tailored to address your specific challenges, providing customised solutions for effortless business setup and expansion in KSA.

All-Inclusive Services

Boost your journey with our comprehensive, all-inclusive solutions, eliminating the need for any other service provider.

Customized Strategies

Jumpstart your business setup with tailor-made strategies designed to suit your business needs and drive unparalleled success and growth.

International Outreach

Ensure seamless expansion and success on a global scale with our services extending across the entire MENAPT region, showcasing our international outreach and commitment.

Completely Compliant

Navigate complex local regulations effortlessly, ensuring your business expansion aligns perfectly with the market you’re entering.