Integrated Fintech Solutions!

Revolutionize your business operations and strategies with our tailor-made solutions that take care of all your business needs. Our cutting-edge solutions ensure your venture’s growth, expansion, and scalability.

Streamlined Innovation For Leadership

Let us take the lead and help your fintech business reach its full potential in new and existing markets. We offer innovative Market and Growth advisory for Fdvisory ventures, Capital-raising, and Solution Building services for businesses of all ages. Our integrated approach ensures a smooth experience for unparalleled growth and success, making your business lead the fintech revolution

Fintech Advisory

Empower your fintech journey with our Consultancy Services that redefine market strategies through expert Market Entry and Expansion navigation. Ensure revenue growth with our Business Model Review, precise User Journey Wireframing, Market Research, and Compliance Consultancy. Conquer new markets and flourish in existing ones across the MENAPT region with our solutions.

Solutions Building

Innovate your fintech venture with our Solution Building services, encompassing end-to-end solutions such as expert Staffing, leading Tech Development, Financial and Business Modeling, Strategic Planning and Support, and seamless Ecosystem Integration Solutions. We craft customized strategies, develop robust technologies, and integrate ecosystems, empowering fintech businesses to lead and innovate in the dynamic fintech landscape.


Our Investments and fundraising solutions promote tech and infrastructure development, providing essential funding for fintech innovation and financial inclusion, API deployment, and fostering key associations and memberships. Ensure strategic financial growth with due diligence for investors and comprehensive investment support.

Build Your Fintech Journey In MENAPT With Dastak Accelerator

Dastak Studio

Dastak Studio offers product design and engineering services, ranging from MVP development and wireframing to product development and management to MSMEs, helping them excel in new and existing markets.

Corporate Innovation Program

Dastak’s corporate innovation program helps integrate corporate innovation services and products. The services offered include innovation advisory services and an API management platform.

Fractional HR Services

Dastak offers Fractional HR services that help streamline your business execution with solutions architect and solution-building services. These services help optimize the team, mitigate risks and take care of compliance

Risk Management Services

Dastak’s risk management services use credit-scoring and ESG-scoring metrics to help assess credit scores. This helps mitigate risks and facilitates lenders in making the correct financial decisions