Validate Product for Market Expansion In Middle East!

How ready is your Product or Service for the Market Expansion in the Middle East ambition? Map your offerings and products for the Saudi and the larger MENA region per your market expansion strategy. 

Understand how your product does or doesn’t meet your target customer’s pain points. Talk to us to gain impactful insights to help you craft an offering that addresses your market segment’s needs and earns you your first paying customers.

What is Product Market Validation?

Dastak Accelerator provides an end-to-end Market Access Program – MAP for tech companies that lets you expand your business in multiple markets. The first stage of MAP is Product Market Validation or PMV. Our PMV services offer a custom fitness report prepared by subject matter experts, based on your product and an analysis of the target market. The PMV report helps you make effective market decisions, choose your distribution model and develop a market engagement strategy.

Build Market Understanding with

Quick Scan Report

Quick Scan Report or QSR is a first step towards Product Market Validation for Saudi Arabia, Qatar, or any other MENA region. It offers:

  • Gain Market Insights – Effective market decisions based on your custom fit report by subject matter experts and market insiders. 
  • Map Market Demand – Better understand your target audience and fine-tune the company’s offering to meet their needs better
  • Build Competitive Supply Plan – Research competitors’ offerings and map them against your own
  • Understand Buyer Decision Attributes– Identify the key considerations which lead your customer to choose your services

Design Market Specific

GTM Plan

The next step is to design a targeted GTM Plan. Let our experts help you align business goals with the targeted market. The GTM plan covers:

  • Distribution Model Assessment – This ensures that your distribution model meets the needs of the customer and market requirements. Choose between three distinct distribution models; Company-owned International Operations, Agency Appointment, or Franchising. 
  • Talent Availability Report – It provides a comprehensive report on the availability and affordability of talent in the market and an analysis of your company’s talent requirements. Additionally, it offers relevant market data for your finance team to improve your financial plan and present you with a capital requirement consultation for your company.

Plan Market Engagement for

Customer Acquisition

Kickstart revenue streaming with a laser-focused Demand Generation Plan. We help you with:

  • Market Engagement Strategies to engage your audience and convert them into customers. 
  • Marketing Funnel Analysis to build up strategies and areas for improvement/customization for the target market 
  • Customer Acquisition Pipeline Conversion and Retention Strategy, the applicability of market norms and industry best practices for your specific niche and sector.
  • Assessment of Targeted Market Regulatory Requirements of disclosures for customer protection and data security
  • Build Customized Initiatives to position your company for short and long-term growth in the target market.

Market Expansion in Middle East Begins With Product Market Validation

Make your market entry Better, faster and cheaper with a well-thought-out market rollout plan. Utilise market insights to Stand out and differentiate your business in the market! Allocate resources more effectively to high-demand initiatives and products. With Dastak’s services, make well-informed decisions about your product, go-to-market strategy, and business model.

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