Venture Building

Funds for Fintech

Secure vital investments and funds from all over the world through our expert services. We connect fintech innovators with the capital needed for accelerated growth and success

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  • Struggling to secure sufficient capital for development, marketing, and scaling business operations
  • Challenging to connect with the right investors or venture capitalists who understand their unique business models and value propositions
  • Inability to craft a compelling investment pitch and proposal
  • Unclear evaluation of financial and operational risks associated with investment opportunities


  • Assessing funding needs, developing a compelling business plan, and exploring diverse funding sources
  • Utilizing an extensive investor network, refining pitch presentations, and facilitating introductions
  • Providing pitch templates, coaching, and data-driven market research support
  • Conducting due diligence on investors, offering risk analysis, and providing guidance on investment agreements

Our Expertise!

Accelerator Investment and Impact Investing

Secure vital investments for your fintech accelerator through our expertise. We connect fintech accelerators with capital aligned with their mission for sustainable growth and societal benefit

Grant and Proposal Writing

Our expert grant and proposal writing service crafts compelling narratives and precise proposals, ensuring your projects secure vital funding and support for impactful ventures

Holdco. Establishment and Incorporations

Dastak offers seamless Holdco establishment all around the world and company incorporation in Delaware, providing expert guidance for streamlined and compliant corporate endeavours.

Tech Investment

ESG Risk Scoring

Leverage our expertise to secure tech investments with a focus on ESG risk scoring, aligning your fintech venture with sustainable practices and responsible growth

Identity Verification Solutions

Secure investments for digital identity solutions like Mobile SCA and TPP verification platforms. Enhance security and reduce fraud in online financial transactions

Infrastructure Upgradation

Secure investments for upgrading your fintech’s infrastructure, ensuring scalability, security, and enhanced performance to meet future demands and opportunities

API Deployment

Obtain tech investments to deploy powerful APIs, enabling seamless integration, expanding your reach, and offering innovative financial services in today’s interconnected world

SME Investment

Investor Readiness

Elevate your fintech’s appeal to SME investors with our Investor Readiness Report. We analyze and refine your business strategy, ensuring you’re ready for funding and growth

Due Diligence

We conduct rigorous due diligence on fintech ventures to provide investors with comprehensive insights, minimizing risks and maximizing opportunities in SME investments

Associations and Memberships

Gain access to exclusive associations and corporate memberships through our services, fostering strategic partnerships with industry giants and amplifying your fintech’s growth potential

Investment Support

Rely on our expertise to navigate the complex landscape of securing SME investments. We provide comprehensive investment support, connecting you with the funds needed for exponential growth


Startups maximize their potential when they secure funding in early business stages


Businesses gain recognition when they gain access to well-reputed memberships and associations


Startups gain a customer base sooner when they have a customer acquisition plan and a well-planned business model