Fintech Consultancy Expertise

Dastak consultancy services offer expert consultancy to businesses of any age, helping them assess their weak points, make necessary changes, and achieve their business goals

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  • Fintechs not being able to align with Sustainable Development Goals while maintaining profitability
  • Expanding into new markets without the right connections and insights
  • Navigating the evolving and complex regulatory landscape, risking non-compliance and legal issues
  • Inability to come up with an innovative business strategy, model, financial strategy, and user-journey


  • Helping fintechs align with SDGs through impact assessment, strategy development, metrics, and ethical practices
  • Facilitating MENAPT market entry with research, entry strategies, network access, and ongoing support
  • Providing tailored compliance consulting, including regulatory assessment, roadmap development, and ongoing support
  • Providing a complete business model review, business model canvas, and user-journey assessment

Our Expertise!

Market Entry and Expansion

Our consultancy services make market entry and expansion effortless by providing insights into market competitiveness, product market fitness reports, and customer acquisition support

Fintech Solution Building

Entering and thriving in the market becomes hassle-free when you use our fintech solution to turn your idea into a marketable product

ESG Risk Assessment

Dastak’s ESG risk assessment solution helps keep track of the sustainability of your business and its effect on the environment and the financial sector.

Financial Advisory Services

Business Model Review

Streamline your business growth by opting for our expert consultants who will meticulously review your business model and optimize your business for sustainable growth and market success

3-Year Strategic Plan Review

Achieve strategic excellence for your fintech venture with our thorough 3-year strategic plan review. Ensure precision, innovation, and long-term success in a rapidly evolving industry

Business Model Canvas

Our consultancy equips you with a customized Business Model Canvas which acts as a blueprint for sustainable growth and market disruption

Market Research

Gain a competitive edge with our comprehensive market review and research tailored for the MENAPT region, unlocking growth opportunities in the fintech sector

Fintech Inclusion

SDG Alignment

Let us assess and align your operations with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), amplifying your positive societal and environmental impact while enhancing your fintech’s value proposition

Access To MENAPT Networks

Leverage our extensive network in the MENAPT region, gaining invaluable connections and insights to fuel your fintech’s growth and expansion in this dynamic market

Credit-Scoring Solutions

We craft data-driven strategies to optimize credit scoring, minimize risk, and maximize profitability. This enables fintechs to make sound lending decisions, fostering financial inclusion in the digital age

Regulatory Compliance

Our consultancy helps fintechs navigate complex regulations, ensuring compliance and fostering trust. This makes the business journey smooth and successful


Businesses reach their business goals when they have access to market research and trends and know the market they’re entering


Startups maximize their potential when they use their existing team and capital based on market entry consultancy


Businesses sustain their market growth when they have a strategic business and financial plan in place