Talent Beyond Borders

Dastak’s staffing solution is committed to providing exceptional staffing solutions across the entire MENAPT region. We connect fintech businesses with specialized professionals, fostering innovation and growth across diverse markets

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  • Facing a shortage of skilled talent and facing competition in a competitive market
  • Struggling to navigate complex employment laws and regulations, leading to potential legal issues
  • Finding talent that possesses the required skills but doesn’t understand the local culture and market intricacies
  • Facing difficulty in retaining skilled professionals in the competitive fintech industry


  • Investing in training and upskilling programs to bridge skill gaps among existing employees and encouraging continuous learning and professional development
  • Ensuring compliance with local recruitment laws from the recruitment stage onward
  • Implementing comprehensive onboarding processes that introduce new hires to the company culture and values, fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace
  • Providing opportunities for career growth, recognition, and a positive work environment to make your company an attractive long-term prospect for employees

Our Expertise!

Strategic Talent Acquisition

We specialize in sourcing highly skilled professionals within the fintech sector, ensuring that our clients have access to the right talent, enabling them to navigate new markets and compliance requirements seamlessly

Localized Workforce Solutions

Our tailored approach involves understanding the unique cultural and regulatory landscapes of the MENAPT region, allowing us to assemble locally proficient teams for fintechs, ensuring seamless operations

Tech Recruitment

Leverage our deep industry insights to attract top tech talent, empowering fintech companies with innovative minds to drive digital transformations and technological advancements in the fintech field


Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

We foster an inclusive and diverse workplace, ensuring equal opportunities for all. Our initiatives enrich company cultures, harness diverse perspectives, and enhance creativity and innovation within fintech teams


We specialize in headhunting top-tier executives and industry leaders for fintech companies, ensuring our clients have access to visionary leadership that drives business success and innovation in the competitive fintech landscape

Diverse Recruitment Channels

We tap into multiple platforms, networks, and industry connections, ensuring our recruitment strategy reaches candidates from varied backgrounds, guaranteeing inclusivity and innovation

Market Entry Staffing

We provide specialized staffing solutions designed for fintech companies entering new MENAPT markets, offering expertise in local talent acquisition and regulatory compliance, facilitating seamless market entry and growth

Employee Retention

Employers Outplacement Program

Our comprehensive support aids employers in managing workforce transitions with care, providing expert guidance, training, and placement assistance, ensuring a smooth and respectful transition for both employees and organizations

Job Security

We prioritize job security by offering robust training, skill development programs, and career guidance, empowering professionals to adapt, and ensuring resilience in the face of industry changes

Agile Development

Embracing agile methodologies, we facilitate rapid, adaptive, and collaborative development processes, ensuring fintech solutions are not only innovative but also highly responsive to market demands

Competitive Career Growth

We foster an environment of continuous learning and mentorship, enabling professionals to thrive and achieve their career aspirations, ensuring their growth aligns with the dynamic demands of the fintech industry


Businesses reach their business goals when they have access to talented professionals who drive the business to growth and innovation


Startups maximize their potential when they use their existing team and capital based on market entry consultancy


Businesses retain their employees when they offer employee benefits and market-competitive packages