KSA Vision 2030 - Set up Travel Business in KSA

KSA’s Tourism Triumph – An Opportunity for Travel Tech Companies in Pakistan

KSA was ranked second globally in terms of tourist arrivals during the first seven months of 2023. This creates a huge opportunity for TravelTech startups in Pakistan to set up business in KSA. The tourism sector of Saudi Arabia is taking the Middle East region by storm with the Saudi government’s resolution to make tourism the second largest contributor to revenue by 2030. The KSA government has taken many steps to fulfil this resolution already, including the launch of ‘Riyadh Air’. 

This initiative is further backed by the creation of international standard tourist attractions like Siranna and a swifter visa issuance procedure for visitors. The region has also completed its target of 100 million visits by the end of the decade and is set to move this target to 150 million visits.

The ‘Visiting Investor’ visa has also played a huge part in bolstering the tourism industry by facilitating international investors. The launch of the Saudi Pavilion at the World Travel Market London is an initiative that shows KSA’s resolution to make its tourism sector, one of the world’s best.

This is a thriving opportunity for TravelTech startups all over the world, especially in Pakistan and UAE. DastakMAP is here to help Pakistani tech startups to capitalize on the opportunity.

For more information, visit Dastak MAP or experts for initial assessment.

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